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Koleston Perfect ME+

Kolsten Pefect ME+ is the new Kolsten Perfect ME+ range with Pure Balance Techonogly ME+.


This new techonolgy can create a shield around the metal ions in the hair so they can no longer create the free radicals.

This protects the right pairing of primaries and couplers during the colour formation.

For pure and even colour from root to tip.


Unique Pure Balance Techonogly ME+ is with a new movemonet in colour hits 3 power trends for the ultimate salon experience:

  • Colour : Pure colour clarity from root-to-tip, natural depth and shine, colour that stays true to tone for longer.
  • Condition : Significantly reduces hair damage, colour after colour, hair looks healthy, silky hair feel during rinsing.
  • Ingredient-conscious : Me+ is up to 60 times less likely to develop a new allergy to hair colour.

Koleston Perfect Me+ is recommended by ECARF the European Centre for Allergy Reseach Foundation. NEw Koleston Perfect Me+ contains Pure Balance Techonogly ensuring that every colour has even tonality from roots to ends. It does this by encapsulating metals which can cause havoc with hair colour such as copper, Zinc, Iron and Magnesium. As these metals no longer interfere in the colouring process where no damage caused by the interaction of metals meaning you will experience radiant pur colour results and your hair condition will be protected like never before.



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